The land of beautiful landscapes, lakes of karst origin, mysterious forests and wetlands is undoubtedly Polesie Lubelskie. One of the ways to visit this very attractive area for naturalists and tourists is to go canoeing on the Bug River or the Włodawka River.

We organize canoeing trips on the Bug along its border section from Gołębia to Niemirów. However, we mainly operate on the Poleska Valley Bugu canoe trail: Świerże – Kuzawka commune Hanna – (110 km) and the Bug-Krzna canoe trail: Sławatycze – Michalków – (55 km). We also sail on a smaller river, a tributary of the Bug – Włodawka.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer in which everyone who likes to spend time actively in the bosom of nature will surely find something for themselves.

By using our services, you can go on a canoeing trip on the Bug for several hours as well as organize a longer, several-day canoeing trip. We have been dealing with kayaking trips and renting kayaks since 2002, so we have extensive experience in this field.

It is possible to choose the proven sections of the river that we propose, as well as to individually plan the rafting route.