We invite you to a kayaking very picturesque section of the Bug River from Kuzawka to Jabłeczna. It is a very easy stretch of the river with a length of 16 km. Therefore, we recommend it for a family trip with children. The time we have to book ourselves to beat this episode is about 4 hours. This time depends on the water level in the river and the number of breaks that will be planned during runoff. In summer, when the water in bug is not high on this route appear sandy beaches where you can organize a family picnic. The rafting ends in the village of Jabłeczna where the Monastery of St. Peter is located a short distance from the river. Onufrego. More information about the monastery https://www.klasztorjableczna.pl/

Runoff routeLength of the sectionRunoff timeDifficulty The availability of
Kuzawka – Jabłeczna16 km4 hoursEasyMay – September

It is also possible to shorten the section by about 4 km and start the runoff in Sławatycze.

The offer includes:

  • Polyethylene kayaks + paddles
  • Safety or rescue vests
  • Transport of kayaks
  • Transfer of participants
  • Car park (fenced property)
  • Notification of rafting at the relevant Border Guard Facility

Kayaks Bug
Chapel in Jabłeczna

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