A few days canoeing Bug is a wonderful idea for an active holiday on one of the most beautiful rivers in Poland. The choice of routes on this river is really very large. You can plan here a rafting on sections of several kilometers lasting several kilometers, but you can also arrange a rafting lasting more than 2 weeks. Run-offs bug we recommend in particular kayakers who appreciate peace and quiet. Bug is a river on which there are no crowds, and during the runoff there are situations that during a few days we will not meet other kayakers. Accommodation takes place here in the wild in a tent by the river because there are no organized campgrounds on the border section. Several days rafting we have been organizing for a very long time the longest rafting in which our kayaks were involved are Gołębie – Brok 542 km. Our base is located in Włodawa it is 240 km from the place where bug affects the territory of Poland. Logistical leakage protection is facilitated. Our base is a fenced pose where you can safely leave your car for the duration of the runoff. In the vicinity of Terespol Bug flows on the territory of Belarus the border runs an old river, which is not floated. Michalków is the last place where the runoff should be completed and kayaks a few kilometers away.

Upon arrival at our database, we repack our luggage to our buses and go to the selected place of start of the runoff. After the raft, we pick up the participants and take them to our base.

By renting kayaks with us, you can be sure that any formalities related to the notification of rafting at the Border Guard in all establishments along the entire trailing route will be handled by us in accordance with the applicable regulations, which will not expose the participants to the unpleasantness at runoff.


Kayaks Bug Chacs
View of the Bug River from the Palace in Chazz
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