Sławatycze – Jabłeczna is an episode Bug River very often chosen by tourists numerous visitors to the bialski district. This route is selected due to the beautiful views as well as the opportunity to visit many interesting places in these areas. The episode belongs to a very easy ones that do not require too much experience from those taking part in the participation in the raft of kayakers. Length of section 12 km run-off time approximately 3 hours dependent on the state of water in the river and experience persons involved in the raft.

Canoeing of Apple

We invite you to our mobile kayak rental. We will bring the equipment and transfer the participants to the place of start of the rafting and after the runoff we will leave back. We will also deal with the formalities for reporting the rafting to the relevant Border Guard Facilities.

The Jabłeczna chapel dedicated to the Fall of the Blessed Virgin Mary, located opposite the main gate of the monastery in a tree-lined avenue.
The Jabłeczna chapel dedicated to the Holy Spirit, raised on a special embankment on the Bug River itself
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