Kayak rental and transport.
Rental of fittings (paddles, barrels, life jackets and safety vests).
Safe transport of luggage to take off.
Carriage of luggage between biwakami.
Transfer of participants to the beginning of the first stage.
Transfer of participants at the end of the runoff.
Help with the arrangement of the route taking into account the experience of the group.
We will advise you to choose the right places by the river to organize biwaków.
Maps with the most convenient places for camping and shops near the river.
Parking for the duration of the runoff (fenced property).
Reception of participants from the bus station in Włodawa.
Reception of participants from the railway station in Orchówek or pkp station Okuninka j. White.
Assistance in organising accommodation in agrotourism
Notification of rafting at the relevant Border Guard Posts.