CANOE ROUTE ON THE BUG RIVER (Gołębie – Niemirów 400 km)

Gołebie – Kryłów – Kosmów – Czumów – Husynne – Strzyżów – Zosin – Horodło – Matcze – Skryhiczyn – Dubienka – Uhańka – Husynne – Dorohusk – Okopy – Świerże – Hniszów – Wola Uhruska – Bytyń – Zbereże – Wołczyny – Sobibór – Włodawa – Różanka – Dołhobrody – Kuzawka – Sławatycze – Jabłeczna – Szostaki – Kodeń – Okczyn – Kostomłoty – Żuki – Michalków – Kuzawka – Neple – Krzyczew – Łęgi – Pratulin – Zaczopki – Woroblin – Wygoda – Buczyce – Bubel Stary – Niemirów

(Świerże – Kuzawka gm. Hanna 110km)

Świerże – Hniszów – Siedliszcze – Wola Uhruska – Bytyń – Zbereże – Wołczyny – Sobibór – trójstyk granic – Orchówek – Włodawa – Szuminka – Różanka – Pawluki – Kuzawka

Trail Canoe Poleska Valley Bug u begins in the village of Świerże. A convenient place for kayaking is located at the end of the park building of the former mill. After 2.5 km we reach Hniszów where in distance about 1.5 km from the river we can admire the huge size of the oak Bolko. By going further we pass the villages of Siedliszcze and The Will of Uhruska. We arrive in Zberez where for several years now in August European Goodness Days. During these days, the pontoon bridge can be go to Ukraine and visit the Szacki National Park. The rest of the trail runs a very picturesque section of the river, places with very high cliff-edge. After about 4 hours from Zberez along the way passing sobibór we come to the “Tristyk borders” of the place where they combine borders between Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. We will know this place after on the river itself, a grid protecting the border of our eastern neighbours, as well as a red border pole with the inscription “Буг” About 100 meters away at the old water pumping station is located wooden gazebo and convenient exit is a very good place for Break. The remains of the railway bridge are also an attraction on this route from XIXw on the Chełm-Brest line which are located in the vicinity of orchówek. Take a break in the Bug lying above the bug itself Włodawie on the famous of the daily radio messages of the sea. Włodawa as the “City of Three Cultures” also has a great deal to offer visitors to tourists. In Kuzawka, located 32 km from Włodawa ends 110 km canoe trail Poleska Dolina Bugu.

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Information board on the canoe trail Poleska Dolina Bugu in Różanka


The Bug-Krzna canoe trail covers a 150-kilometer stretch of rivers in the Bialskie district. It was designated on the basis of the most attractive natural and cultural values of northern Lublin. It has the necessary infrastructure, convenient descents and exits for this type of active rest to enable the equipment to be drained and the run-offs are completed, parking lots close to the starting point, a tourist marking that meets the PTTK labelling requirements waterways and designated campsites and campsites.
Using the services of our company you can choose for a multicultural section Sławatycze – Jabłeczna – Kodeń – Kostomłoty – Żuki – Michalków (with a length of 55 km) , which allows you to admire the untamed buzzan nature and sightseeing the most important shrines of cultures living in these areas for centuries. Visit the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church in Sławatycze, the Orthodox monastery in Jabłeczny, the shrine and rose gardens in Kodnia and the Unica Church in Kostomłoty.
The trail is marked with visible signs from the water and from the mainland. The offer is aimed at organized groups and individual tourists.

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Information board on the canoe trail Bug – Krzna in Sławatycze