WŁODAWKA – left-bank tributary of the Bug, flows through the Pojezierze Łęczyńsko-Włodawskie in The Polesie Zachodnie.

Length 31.5 km, flows from the tank Decigo. Right tributaries: Krzemianka, Tarasienka, Więzienny Rów, left tributaries: Mietułka, Ulanówka. More important villages on Włodawka: Kołacze, Suchawa, Okuninka, Włodawa. In the past (since 1387) The trawle was a border river between Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Crown.

River Włodawka – Adamki

Canoe trail Włodawka: Kołacze – Suchawa – Włodawa

with a length of 24 km.

Km Villages, water structures, equipment and other

23.9 Knockers – threshold, steel footbridge                                            

22.5 Żelbet Concrete Bridge Kołacze, road No. 819                                 

16.8 Estuary Shrubs                                                          

13.0 Reinforced concrete jaz – Suchawa (l)                                                

12.9 Reinforced concrete bridge – Suchawa                                                 

10.4 Estuary Silica                                                          

8.1 Wooden Bridge – Adamki                                                     

8.0 Pier, camping field                                                        

6.8 Reinforced concrete                                                                       

5.9 Wooden footbridge for pedestrians                                              

4.6 Reinforced concrete bridge (Włodawa – Chełm No. 812)                              

4.5 Degree with stacking                                                             

3.7 Estuary Terraces                                                                

3.4 Steel footbridge (bicycle trail)                                              

1.5 Reinforced concrete bridge (ul. Okuninska, road No. 816)                            

1.1 Wooden footbridge (gardens)                                                       

0.7 Wooden Bridge (Causeway)                                                           

0.0 Outlet to bug                                                                        

• River length: 31.5 km.

• Trail length: 24 km.

• Difficulty scale: easy, open to all.

• Nuisance scale: non-onerous path.

• Picturesqueness: a very scenic trail.

Convenient stage or parking points on Włodose are: Knockers (bridge roads 819), Suchawa (bridge), Adamki, Okuninka (bridge on 812), Włodawa (bridge on 816). The Trawling Trail has a very well-decorated place stay in Adamki – campsite, extensive tourist roofs, fireplace, fixed platforms for kayakers and anglers, dry Sanitary facilities. The drawback is difficult access (dirt roads) and the lack of water and electricity. Since 2011 similar development on the the beginning of the trail in Kołacze.

Source “Kayak by Bug” tourist guide author: Józef Tworek

Kayak Marina in Suchawa