Basic rules to be followed at river rafting Border.

  1. Each kayaking shall be reported to the competent Border Guard Post at min. 2 hours before the start.
  2. Any changes to the run-off plan must be reported by telephone to the nearest Border Guard Facility.
  3. Always flow on the left side of the river, without crossing the middle, which is the border of the State.
  4. Having canoe tourism in border waters is only possible on a day (half an hour after sunrise – you can start running down and half an hour before sunset should be finished)
  5. It is forbidden to bathing in the border river both during the run-off and during the stops, with the exception of designated and designated places Marked.

In the border road lane and the border area, it shall be prohibited:

  1. Place subtitles and drawings on signs and border equipment or self-setting, destruction, damage, removal, repositioning or dealing with them Invisible.
  2. Photographing objects, signs and border devices and areas outside the state border line,
  3. Direct communication across the national border and the or taking over the boundary line of any items,
  4. The open fire in the border lane and leaving no extinguished bonfires or smoldering objects within 300 metres of the state border line,
  5. Setting obstacles, digging pits or ditches in the lane of the border road.

The reservation of equipment in any form is tantamount to acceptance of the above conditions.

Tourism in border waters – Recipes

Changes in the rules for being in the border lane
Regulation – IFRS
Regulation of the Lublin Voivodeship
Current rules for being in the border lane
Act – Protection of the State Border