River Bug – Szostaki
Bug River in Kodeń
Bug – Kostomłoty

The Bug-Krzna canoe trail covers a 150-kilometer stretch of rivers in the Biała Podlaska district. It was designated on the basis of the most attractive natural and cultural values of northern Lublin. It has the necessary infrastructure, convenient descents and exits for this type of active rest to enable the equipment to be drained and the run-offs are completed, parking lots close to the starting point, a tourist marking that meets the PTTK labelling requirements waterways and designated campsites and campsites.

Using the services of our company you can choose for a multicultural section of Sławatycze – Jabłeczna – Szostaki – Kodeń – Kostomłoty – Żuki, which allows you to admire untamed buzzan nature and explore the most important sanctuaries cultures that have lived in these areas for centuries. Visit the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church in Sławatycze, the Orthodox monastery in Jabłeczna, the shrine and rose gardens in Kodeń and the Unicka Church in Kostomłoty. The trail is ma
rked with plaques visible from the river and from the mainland. The offer is aimed at organized groups and individual tourists.

Sample sections of the Bug River on the trail “Bug – Krzna” to organize a runoff of several hours.

Różanka (Poleska Dolina Bugu) – Sławatycze (Bug – Krzna)26 km sectionrunoff time of about 5 hours.
Kuzawka – Jabłeczna 16 km section runoff time about 3 – 4 hours.
Jabłeczna – Kodeń 21 km section runoff time about 4 – 5 hours.
Kodeń – Żuki 18 km section runoff time 3 – 4 hours

It is also possible to individually determine a different route, and of course we provide advice and assistance. Rafting of several days we are able to organize on the chosen by the state section of the River Bug from the village pigeons to Niemirów approx. 399 km.