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Włodawka is a left-bank tributary of the Bug, it flows through the Łęczyńsko-Włodawskie Lake District in West Polesie. 31.5 km long, it flows out of the Wytyczno reservoir.

Right tributaries: Krzemianka, Tarasienka, Więzienny Rów, left tributaries: Mietułka, Ulanówka. Important towns on the Włodawka: Kołacze, Suchawa, Okuninka, Włodawa. In the past (from 1387) Włodawka was a border river between the Wielkim Księstwem Litewskim and the Koroną.

The Włodawka River, due to the large number of portals, is not an easy kayak route, which is why we recommend it for canoeists who already have experience. It is best to go to Włodawka in the spring because in recent years the water level drops significantly during the summer holidays and unfortunately it is impossible to kayak.

Trail Route TimeLengthRunoff time
SUCHAWA – WŁODAWA to determine the13 km3 – 4 hours
SUCHAWA – ADAMKIto determine the5 km1.5 -2 hours
Price list45 PLN /person
Price list (family 2+2)160 PLN

Trail Route TimeLengthRunoff time
KOŁACZE – WŁODAWAto determine the22 km8 – 9 hours
KOŁACZE – ADAMKIto determine the14 km5 – 6 hours
Price list50 PLN / person
Price list (family 2+2) 180 PLN

Before booking kayaks and paying an advance payment, please contact us by phone to make sure that we have free space for the selected trail ing route.

Kayak marina with observation tower in Suchawa


  • Collection of participants in the agreed place.
  • Bus ride to the place of start of the runoff.
  • Dispensing equipment, instruction,start runoff.

We provide

  • double polyethylene kayak.
  • paddle.
  • life jackets.
  • kayak transport.
  • transfer of participants from the accommodation to the place of start of the run-off.
  • transfer of participants to the accommodation after the run-off.

Please attend the agreed place on time. In case of late delay, we do not guarantee participation in the rafting.