You can hear about Włodawa every day from the first Polish Programme Radios with the current state of the waters “On the Bug in Włodawa…”.

As a result of the peculiar “media popularity” of the Włodawa water gauge, it is more and more often placed by tourists coming to Włodawa on its list of obligatory points to visit. The water gauge is an unusual attraction of Włodawa, from which you can bring an extraordinary souvenir – a certificate of reading the water level on the Bug River in Włodawa. The only thing you need to do is read the water level yourself, and then go to the Włodawa Tourist Information Center for a special certificate.

The water gauge is located on the extension of Lubelska Street, below the embankment after the road bridge, which burned down in 1939, in the vicinity of the Polish border pole No. 15. Observations of water levels on the Bug River in Włodawa began to be measured systematically since 1897. The first location of the water gauge was located a few kilometers up the river, next to the now defunct bridge on the Chełm – Brest railway line. In 1922, water measurements began on a new staff water gauge, near the current one, and from 1965 until today the water gauge is in its current location.

The water gauge in Włodawa is one of the few oblique water gauges in Poland, also called stepped water gauges. It facilitates measurement at the shifting shoreline as the water level changes. A few meters from the water gauge there is a small building in which the limngraph is placed – a device that allows to record the water level on the river all the time. It is a device working in continuous mode, so-called self-wrapping, which has been measuring water level since 1970.

The place where the water gauge is located is an uncommon and charming corner. Standing next to the sculpture of the Aquarius, made by one of the sculptors from Włodawa, we can admire a nice view of the river and the tree-lined Belarusian side. Tourists have at their disposal a covered gazebo, benches and bicycle racks. The water gauge can also be reached by water (378.3 km of the Bug River) by going on a canoeing trip, probably the last wild river in Europe. Nearby there is a place to launch kayaks, and fans of kayaking can admire the water gauge from the water, because from there it presents the most impressive.

Source: Municipal Office in Włodawa

We invite you to our trips where the water gauge can be seen from the river side from the kayak.