We launch kayaks on the Bug in Zbereże, the trail runs along a very picturesque section of the river, in places with a very high precipice. After about 4 hours on the way, passing Wołczyny and Sobibór, we reach the “border crossing point” where the borders of Poland, Ukraine and Belarus meet. We will recognize this place by the net above the river protecting the border of our eastern neighbors as well as the border pole with the inscription “BUG”. About 100 meters further by the old water pumping station there is a wooden gazebo and a convenient exit to the shore is a very good place for a break. An attraction on this route are also the remains of a railway bridge from the 19th century on the Chełm-Brest line which are located in the vicinity of the village of Orchówek. We end the rafting in Włodawa, which lies on the Bug River itself, on the water gauge, famous for daily radio announcements. Włodawa as “City of Three Cultures” also has a lot to offer tourists.

Zbereże – Wołczyny – Sobibór – Trójstyk granic (PL – UA – BY ) – Włodawa (watershed)

Length of the section32 km
Collection time 08:30
Runoff time8 h
Price list (normal)55 PLN / person
Price list (family 2+2)200 PLN

Before booking kayaks, please contact me to make sure that we have free places for the selected trailing route.

We provide

  • double polyethylene kayak.
  • paddle.
  • life jackets.
  • kayak transport.
  • transfer of participants from the accommodation to the place of start of the run-off.
  • transfer of participants to the accommodation after the run-off.
  • notification of the run-off to the relevant Border Guard facility.


Collection of participants in the agreed place at 08:30

Bus ride to the place of start of the runoff.

Dispensing equipment, instruction,start runoff.

What to bring on a kayak trip:

For a short canoe trip, take: suitable shoes, clothing adapted to the weather, drinking water, sandwich, charged phone, sun-protecting things (glasses, cap, cream) , gloves – for greater comfort of rowing. It may also be useful to mosquito repellent. It is worth taking a spare set of clothes secured before wet.

Please arrive at the agreed place on time. In the event of a delay, we cannot guarantee participation in canoeing.


Impact information:

  • the runoff date.
  • runoff route.
  • the time and the place of reception of the participants before the run-off.

Data needed to report participants in the runoff at the Border Guard facility.

  • name and date of birth. (all participants in the runoff)

send by text message No. tel: +48 505 514 813

It is also possible to report the run-off to the relevant Border Guard Institution on its own. (No later than 2 hours before the start)

Form available on the http://www.nadbuzanski.strazgraniczna.pl website


Regulations for the rental of water equipment Center Active Tourism – Kajakiem Po Bugu